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I’m here to help women, like yourselves, to reconnect with your bodies, to begin to restore any core and floor issues and to get you moving purposefully and optimally. I’m a fully qualified personal trainer and an expert in pre and post natal exercise, with an absolute passion for helping women to feel confident about themselves. I’m also a Mum to 2 girls, so I kinda get where most of you are at!

Women are awesome. Our bodies are capable of amazing things. We can move mountains, we are strong, powerful and we nurture. But doing all of this, all of the time, leaves us feeling tired and overwhelmed. Our health, fitness and self-care routines can fall by the wayside. Our bodies need to be cared for, to be looked after and to be coached to work in the right way, so that we can be all we need to be, for life.

I am your go-to trainer to you get back up on your feet, safely. I’m here to listen, to understand and to help.



I had an initial assessment with Charlie as I had some concerns after the birth of my son. These concerns had been going on for a while including a lack of core strength. As well as a lack of bladder control that got worse with intense exercise. I’d been given the all clear at my 6 week check up but it wasn’t until after then that the problems developed and I wasn’t entirely sure where to go for help.

Charlie asked me several questions about my overall health and what was concerning me. She was very delicate and understanding with her questions knowing that I might be embarrassed. She really reassured me that my problems were common in post natal women but that they needn’t be permanent.

The assessment itself was very professional and discreet and I was made to feel very comfortable. She explained everything that she did and why certain movements or positions were important to assess me. She gave me a through explanation of what was going on with my body and options of how I could deal with them.

I felt safe and comfortable throughout and trusted in Charlie’s knowledge. I would recommend her to anyone.

Vicky W.

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