I’m a Mum to 2 girls, a personal trainer and a pre and post natal exercise specialist.


I took a break from teaching to have my children. Almost immediately post-natal, I found there was a huge void in the information provided about pelvic floor recovery for new mothers, in particular, information about returning to exercise. The advice given to new mums, regarding exercise, is outdated and non-specific – generic phrases like “do your kegals”. It is a disservice to women and our (frankly amazing) bodies.


Identifying this gap filled me with the fire I needed to create this business. I want to help women, like you, to reconnect with your bodies, to heal your core and floor, to help you regain strength, fitness and mobility. I want to help you grow in confidence. I aim to provide fundamental support and guidance to help all women, whether you are trying to conceive, are pregnant, are post natal (once post natal, always post natal) or you are experiencing pelvic floor/core issues, such as incontinence, core weakness and diastasis recti (separation of the abdominal muscles). I have a real passion for education and I am consistently striving to improve my knowledge by training with some of the world’s best women’s exercise education providers. I do this in order to keep up to date with current evidence-based information and so that I am able to offer you the best service out there.

What I offer

What I offer, is not a boot camp, a quick fix or a fat blast camp – some of which can cause or worsen damage to your core and floor, these often don’t teach you the skills you need to keep your body functioning in to the future. The emphasis in all my programmes is on healing and restoring first and foremost. The rest follows on in a holistic and long-term, achievable way, IF you want it to – no pressure, no judgement.

Training options

I provide a choice of training options, depending on your needs, available time and budget. Choose from bespoke personal training, 1:1 short courses, small group sessions and online programmes. In all of these sessions, you will receive grounded nutritional information and exercises suited to your ability and life stage. In addition to this, I will provide you with a safe space to talk about all things female health and fitness, and you will have access to an online community support page. I will always fully assess and appropriately screen face to face clients before starting any programme.

Learn to reconnect with yourself. Be amazed by what you and your body can do.

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  • Working Outdoors with Pre and Post Natal Clients – Burrell Education
  • Certificate of Pre and Post Natal Coaching – Coaching and Training Women Academy, Girls Gone Strong
  • Level3 Personal Training
  • Level 2 Gym Instructor
  • BA(Hons), PGCE
  • Diploma in Personal Nutrition
  • Advanced Sports and Exercise Nutritional Advisor
  • Advanced Clinical Weight Loss Practitioner
  • Emergency First Aid at Work
  • Fully Insured to work with every woman