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Bespoke 1:1 Training

This is the top-level, fully bespoke personal training service. Suitable for all women, in particular those with specific training needs, such as pregnancy, post natal, pelvic floor/core issues and anyone looking to start exercise and improve mobility, strength and fitness.
Sessions are bookable in 6 or 12 week blocks. Click the icon above for more information and to book in.

1:1 Short Courses

These three individual, 6 week, 1:1 short courses are set up to help women that are pregnant (2nd/3rd trimester), recently post natal, or for those experiencing symptoms of pelvic floor dysfunction. These courses are designed to be delivered in a progressive format, tweaked to suit the individual and their abilities. Click the icon above for more information on each of the three courses and to book your place.

Small Group Classes

These three small-group classes are all based outdoors and are suitable for Mums to be, Mums with buggies and for any women that need exercises that help to support their core and floor whilst improving their mobility, strength and fitness. Small group training is great value alternative to 1:1 training, with groups set to a maximum of 6 ladies, to ensure that each person receives attention to detail and correct coaching cues to maximise your session.
Click on the icon above for more information about the three classes and to book yourself (and maybe a couple of friends) in.

What our users say

I had an initial assessment with Charlie as I had some concerns after the birth of my son. These concerns had been going on for a while including a lack of core strength. As well as a lack of bladder control that got worse with intense exercise. I’d been given the all clear at my 6 week check up but it wasn’t until after then that the problems developed and I wasn’t entirely sure where to go for help.

Charlie asked me several questions about my overall health and what was concerning me. She was very delicate and understanding with her questions knowing that I might be embarrassed. She really reassured me that my problems were common in post natal women but that they needn’t be permanent.

The assessment itself was very professional and discreet and I was made to feel very comfortable. She explained everything that she did and why certain movements or positions were important to assess me. She gave me a through explanation of what was going on with my body and options of how I could deal with them.

I felt safe and comfortable throughout and trusted in Charlie’s knowledge. I would recommend her to anyone.

Vicky W.