1:1 Short Courses

What are 1:1 Short Courses?

All 1:1 short courses are coached privately. The courses are block booked in 6 week units, and are located at our St Leonards studio, further details available upon booking. Before commencing your chosen 1:1 short course (see options below), a detailed assessment of your body, lifestyle and your current and long term goals will take place. A deep screening check will be carried out to identify any physical issues – particularly checking for diastasis recti and assessing your alignment and your core and pelvic floor connection.

Course overview

Sessions will follow a subject specific, progressive format, suited to your current needs and abilities. Each training session will typically include a check in, a range of suitable mobilisers and activators, a main set of appropriate exercises, followed by a cool down and reflection. The course content will vary, depending on your chosen course, see below.

The 6 face to face sessions will take place once a week, with a short home workout to be completed in between.

Who is it for?

The three courses shown below are suitable for women with specific training needs that would like the support and privacy of 1:1 sessions, with the structure of a 6 week programme. In particular, women that are pregnant, early post partum or those that feel they have issues with their core strength or pelvic floor function e.g. leaking. See the individual course details below for more information.

All 1:1 short course clients are eligible to purchase a kit bag, for a reduced price. This is a great tool to help you complete the short home workout provided between sessions, as it includes useful equipment and a nutritional guidebook to help you make the most of your course. You will also be invited to join my online support community, if you wish.

Mum to be

The “Mum to Be” short course is a 6 week 1:1 offering that can be adapted to either the 2nd or 3rd trimester, and to your current abilities, consisting of 6 one-hour sessions. The focus during this course is ensuring that your alignment is optimised and your core and floor are connected and working to support your body as your bump grows.

Adaptations for the 2nd trimester include, building whole body strength, mobility and fitness. Adaptatations for the 3rd trimester include mobilsation and release strategies, relaxation and introduction of supportive core connection breathing for when baby has arrived.

This course is ideally taken in both the second trimester and third trimester, but can also be taken as a stand alone unit in either trimester.

The perfect follow on from this course is the New Mum Short Course.

New Mum

The “New Mum” course is the perfect follow on from the “Mum to Be” offering, but it is also an excellent starting point for anyone recently post natal.

This gentle 6 week short course can be taken from 6 weeks after a vaginal delivery, and 8 weeks after a c-section, providing that you have had your checks and have been cleared to exercise by your GP/medical practitioner. The course consists of 6 one-hour sessions.

Birthing a baby, via any method is a major task for your body, not dissimilar to having major surgery. When new mums want to enter back in to exercise, it must be done gradually and in a controlled manner, with a properly qualified trainer like me that knows how to look after you. You will likely be tired and full of hormones – be kind to yourself.

The pressure on new mums to look a certain way within weeks of having a baby is unhelpful. Remember, it took you months to grow a beautiful little person (or people) and it is absoutely fine to take months to return your body (inside and out) to a place that your are happy with.

The key focus in this course is to heal and restore your pelvic floor and core before anything else.

This short course is perfect for new mums, but is equally good for anyone looking to easeback in to exercise safely, up to around 12 months post partum.

The perfect follow on from this course is the more specific Bespoke 1:1 Training, or one of the Small Group Classes.

Revitalise Your Core and Floor

The “Revitalise Your Core and Floor” course is a brilliant stand alone offering, for any woman that is experiencing a core weakness, or a pelvic floor dysfunction, such as leaking or distasis recti (separation of the abdominals). This is a 6 week course, consisting of 6 one-hour 1:1 sessions.

The main aim of this course is to get your core and floor reconnected and functioning as one unit again.

Embarrassing symptoms such as leaking urine during exercise, when sneezing/coughing or during sex are all common, but they are not normal and they prevent you from living life fully.
By assessing your alignment, mobility, breathing patterns and checking for a diastasis, we can work on healing your core unit through specific exercises, using your breath to reset the connection and to reduce your symptoms.

A perfect follow on from this course is Bespoke 1:1 training, or the small group classes.

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