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A sphincter says what…?!

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Did you ever watch Wayne’s World?? If not, you really need to, or we can’t be friends! If the sphincter reference of the title went right over the top of your head, because you maybe lived in a cave for the duration of your childhood/teen years, then you’ll be super pleased to know that I’m here to talk about actual sphincters instead of Wayne’s World. Have you heard of the term “anorectal angle”? It refers to the angle at which […]


Why You Should Absolutely Book An Initial Assessment

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If you have looked at the services I offer, you’ll have noticed that they either include or require an initial assessment to take place, right at the start of whichever training option you select. But what is an initial assessment, and why is it so essential? The initial assessment appointment itself is around 45minutes long. Prior to attending, you’ll fill out a few questions for me – questions relating to your general health, your history of any pregnancies or births, […]