What should I wear to outdoor classes?
* comfortable sports clothing, appropriate to the weather – layers are a great idea as they can be added and removed as you get warmer during the session (even in the winter!)
* in Summer, bring a cap and/or sunglasses for you (and baby, if applicable)
* in winter, a hat and gloves (for you and baby, if applicable) will be your friend!
* If it is raining or likely to rain, a thin waterproof mac, will be perfect – a pac-a-mac is a great idea.
* comfortable and supportive trainers are best for your feet.
* don’t forget a well supporting sports bra
* babies will need to be shaded in the summer and wrapped up warm in winter – remember that they won’t be moving about, so will be much cooler than you – a blanket or cosy-toes will be essential in the colder weather.

What else should you bring?
Depending on the weather, you may need to bring certain items.
*At all classes, you should bring a drink (one for baby too, if applicable)
* During summer months, you will need to bring sunscreen
If you are coming with a baby in a buggy, remember…
* A rain cover for wet or grey days
* A sunshade/umbrella for the buggy on sunny days
* A snack/milk if appropriate
* A couple of toys or a book to keep them entertained

What should I do Before coming to the class?
* If you are coming without a baby, just check the weather & get yourself changed in to your appropriate sports gear & grab your drink
* If you are bringing a baby in a buggy, try to feed & change baby before coming to class, so that you hopefully won’t need to during the class – don’t worry if this doesn’t work for you, you can always stop to change or feed during the class, if necessary.